The Mentalist Season 1 Direct Download

The Mentalist Season 1 Direct Download

Patrick Jane is an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) who has a remarkable track record for solving serious crimes by using his sharp skills of observation.
Final episode date: February 18, 2015
Theme song: Believe
Writers: Bruno Heller, Eoghan Mahony, Ashley Gable, more
Language: English
Quality: 480p


  1. The.Mentalist.S01E01.mkv
  2. The.Mentalist.S01E02.mkv
  3. The.Mentalist.S01E03.mkv
  4. The.Mentalist.S01E04.mkv
  5. The.Mentalist.S01E05.mkv
  6. The.Mentalist.S01E06.mkv
  7. The.Mentalist.S01E07.mkv
  8. The.Mentalist.S01E08.mkv
  9. The.Mentalist.S01E09.mkv
  10. The.Mentalist.S01E10.mkv
  11. The.Mentalist.S01E11.mkv
  12. The.Mentalist.S01E12.mkv
  13. The.Mentalist.S01E13.mkv
  14. The.Mentalist.S01E14.mkv
  15. The.Mentalist.S01E15.mkv
  16. The.Mentalist.S01E16.mkv
  17. The.Mentalist.S01E17.mkv
  18. The.Mentalist.S01E18.mkv
  19. The.Mentalist.S01E19.mkv
  20. The.Mentalist.S01E20.mkv
  21. The.Mentalist.S01E21.mkv
  22. The.Mentalist.S01E22.mkv
  23. The.Mentalist.S01E23.mkv


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