Tekken 3 DIRECT DOWNLOAD .Of a 3D Tekken fighting games that were originally produced for the Playstation, but due to the innumerable fans of the PC version was also produced. In this series of fighting games are very realistic and the game follows a fictional style campaign. Tekken 3 as well as copies of the first two games of the combat system complies with the difference that it has improved graphics and animations, and new characters to the list of the game was added to our, and the music quickly gameplay added more modern is capable of. Some of the characters in the game: Jack-5 with style against brute strength, Asuka Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts fighting Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu style of Chinese martial arts, Yoshimitsu advanced Nynjytsv style, Bryan Fury style kickboxing, Feng Knpv style Chinese Wei, Julia Chang Kung Fu style and they each have different nationalities.
The first feature of the Tekken 3 Tekken Force beat street style has been added. In addition to the team battle mode, a mode of reaction and struggle to survive that have changed only slightly compared to the previous version, Tekken Force mode, which consists of four stages, and the player must fight four ninja, this version added It is.

Instruction For Downloading

1.Click On Download Link

2.Download All Parts,Note That Password It Will Need At the time of Installation.

Instruction For Installation

1.Put The Download Files In a Folder And Dont RENAME Those Files.
2.Open Only Part 1 Then Extract In a Folder.
3.Select All Files.Then Extract to a folder,and type the password When it ask to.
4.You will get all files in Extracted Folder Location.
5.Now open the Setup File To start The Installation and Enjoy The Game.


Direct Link [38 MB]



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