Quantico Season 1 HD Direct Download

Quantico Season 1 HD Direct Download


A group of young FBI recruits travel to the Quantico base in Virginia to receive training to become special agents. Unfortunately, some of them possess secrets that no one knows.
Network: American Broadcasting Company
Awards: People’s Choice Award for Favorite Actress in a New TV Series
Executive producers: Mark Gordon, Robert M. Sertner, Joshua Safran
Quality: 480p
Language: English



Quantico S01 E01 .mkv [264 MB]

Quantico S01 E02 .mkv [248 MB]

Quantico S01 E03 .mkv [196 MB]

Quantico S01 E04 .mkv [216 MB]

Quantico S01 E05 .mkv [204 MB]

Quantico S01 E06 .mkv [188 MB]

Quantico S01 E07 .mkv [204 MB]

Quantico S01 E08 .mkv [182 MB]

Quantico S01 E09 .mkv [198 MB]

Quantico S01 E10 .mkv [189 MB]

Quantico S01 E11.mkv [193 MB]

Quantico S01E12 .mkv [196 MB]

Quantico S01E13 .mkv [181 MB]

Quantico S01E14 .mkv [185 MB]

Quantico S01E15 .mkv [206 MB]

Quantico S01E16 .mkv [188 MB]

Quantico S01E17 .mkv [151 MB]

Quantico S01E18 .mkv [173 MB]

Quantico S01E19 .mkv [192 MB]

Quantico S01E20 .mkv [214 MB]

Quantico S01E21 .mkv [192 MB]

Quantico S01E22 .mkv [151 MB]



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