Assassins Creed Chronicles India Codex

Assassins Creed Chronicles India Codex

Initial release date: January 12, 2016
Series: Assassin’s Creed Chronicles
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developers: Climax Studios, Ubisoft Montreal
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
The game is a 2.5D side scrolling platformer. The game features a large array of weapons such as secret shoe blade, rope darts, and daggers.Players must control the protagonist, and navigate through the environment. Players can use stealth tactics such as hiding from enemies in shadows and can climb areas that are highlighted with more color.

India takes place in 1841 India and features the protagonist, Arbaaz Mir. While the Sikh Empire was at war with the East India Company, a Master Templar arrives with a mysterious item that used to belong to the Assassin Order. Mir must discover why he has come, steal back the item, and protect his friends and his lover. Some of the weapons introduced are a typical Mughal and Sikh sword resembling an Aruval, Urumi, a concealed Katara with Bagh naka, a Chakram, smoke bombs for stealth and distraction. A Slingshotwith rock pellets has also been added.

Instruction For Installation

1.Put The Download Files In a Folder And Dont RENAME Those Files.
2.Open Only Part 1 Then Extract In a Folder.
3.Select All Files.Then Extract to a folder,and type the password When it ask to.
4.You will get all files in Extracted Folder Location.
5.Now open the Setup File To start The Installation and Enjoy The Game.


1st Server 1

Download Part 1: Direct Link [2 GB]

Download Part 2: Direct Link [1.3 GB]

2nd Server

Download Part 1: Direct Link [1 GB]
Download Part 2: Direct Link [1 GB]
Download Part 3: Direct Link [1 GB]
Download Part 4: Direct Link [309 MB]

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